Tea Sandwiches

Happy Teacher’s day ! To all those wonderful teachers who made school a memorable journey, who saw us through from confused high school pass outs to college grads/post grads etc. and mostly to moms and dads who from our birth teach us everything that we are capable of doing today!

I keep thinking what special can I have on Pam’s cookbook to mark this day. What does school remind me of? Simple fun-filled carefree days… and that reminds me of bread sandwiches… something that was a constant in my school life. Yes, me and my brother for years (at least till high school) have carried bread for ‘tiffin’, all different kinds of bread sandwiches. Bread butter with sugar granules, bread butter with salt and pepper, aloo sandwich, cucumber sandwich and many more. I guess mom must have been really happy with us for we never complained, but as I look back I wonder if secretly we were not a little bored of it!

Tomato (Finger) Sandwich
Even now, I am just not capable of having a heavy breakfast early in the morning. Most of the times we are munching on bread with tea.So this post is about the most common breakfast or snack – Tea Sandwiches. I made Green Chutney sandwich, Cucumber Sandwich and Tomato Sandwich. Am sure there can be more additions / variations to this, but for today this is it.
For Chicken Sandwich – click here
I made 6 sandwiches – 2 of each kinds – Green chutney, Tomato and Cucumber
  • Bread (white or brown) – 2 slices for each kind, makes 2 sandwiches.
  • Salt – optional
  • Black Pepper – optional
For Green Chutney Sandwich: 
  • Coriander Chutney – 3 tbsp
  • Butter spread or cream cheese or mayonnaise – I used butter spread
  • Cucumber, very thinly sliced – 5-6 slices
Green Chutney Sandwich
For Cucumber Sandwich:
  • Butter spread or cream cheese or mayonnaise – I used butter spread
  • Cucumber, very thinly sliced – 5-6 slices
Cucumber Sandwich
For Tomato Sandwich:
  • Butter spread or cream cheese or mayonnaise – I used butter spread
  • Tomato – very thinly sliced – 5-6 slices
Tomato (Finger) Sandwich
  • Place the bread slices on the work surface. No need to toast them.
  • Spread butter, cream cheese or mayonnaise on both the slices. For Green chutney sandwich either spread a second layer of coriander chutney on the buttered slices or mix the butter along with the green chutney in a separate bowl and then spread the mixture onto both the slices.
  • Place the cucumber or tomato slices (do not overcrowd them) on one slice of bread.
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper if required.
  • Place the other slice on top of it, so that the buttered surface goes inside.
  • Press it gently and using a sharp knife trim off the crusty edges on the four sides.
  • Cut diagonally once for large triangle sandwiches or twice for smaller triangles. These smaller triangles work best with the kids. Alternately cut lengthwise once to get rectangular, also called finger sandwiches or twice to get smaller square-ish ones.
  • Serve them with tea or coffee


  • Using cold bread or refrigerating the bread before use makes it easier to trim off the edges smoothly.
  • If making the sandwiches little ahead of time cover them with a damp kitchen towel. This keep the sandwiches fresh and moist.
  • When serving different kinds of tea sandwiches it is better to have more than one shape, that helps in easily distinguishing one from the other.  I usually make triangle cucumber sandwiches and finger sandwiches with tomatoes. Can also use different shaped cookie cutters for other shapes, specially for kids-parties.
Green Chutney Sandwich

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